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Artist Bio.


Carolyn is a Canadian artist who has a great passion for teaching art. The wondrous beauty of nature has always inspired her. Over the years, she’s studied several fine art media and enjoyed drawing and painting a wide variety of subject matter. Carolyn enjoys working in watercolour, acrylic, graphite, coloured pencil, pastel, encaustic, oil, enamel, and mixed media. Her styles include realism, expressionism, impressionism and abstract art.



More information below.

Carolyn has been doing art all of her life. Her Mom was also an artist, and Carolyn’s biggest influence. She’s studied privately under many professional artists, and at Seneca College, Georgian College, and North Light Art School. Carolyn has a certificate in the Fundamentals of Fine Art. She sold arts and crafts for many years, and owned/operated a fine arts business, gallery and studio (Bluehaven Art Studio: 1999-2005). Unfortunately, Carolyn had to give up her fine arts business, for over 10 years, for health reasons, but continued to dabble in art, here and there. She’s had challenges with chronic pain and chronic fatigue, for all of her adult life, and has been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, chronic myofascial pain syndrome, and a few other things. In 2004, Carolyn had a horrible bout with the Norwalk virus, which left her even sicker. So, that is one of the reasons why she had to close her art business, in 2005. Carolyn studied a lot of Metaphysics and Spirituality courses during this time. She also explored several different healing therapies.



In 2015, Carolyn attended some art therapy classes, delved deep into her art, and started to feel a lot better. So, in 2016, she made some of her artwork available for sale, and began teaching art, once again. Carolyn now sells artcards, framed prints, original fine art, and jewellery. She also teaches private art lessons and watercolour/acrylic workshops. Art is a very big part of her healing process. She still has challenging days with the fibromyalgia and myofascial pain disorder, but Carolyn is so much better than she was just a few years ago. 


Women & Children’s Shelter of Barrie.

Carolyn is passionate about supporting causes that affect women and children. This is why she donates 20% of the profits from her artcards, framed prints and jewellery to the Women & Children’s Shelter of Barrie. Carolyn has also donated a percentage of her workshops to the shelter as well.


Autism Canada


Carolyn feels strongly about supporting autism causes. She donates $1.00 from the sale of her autism jewellery pieces to Autism Canada.

Ontario SPCA & Humane Society

Carolyn supports the Ontario SPCA & Humane Society, and Ontario SPCA Barrie Animal Shelter. She loves animals and wants to help. In loving remembrance of Ben, her beagle, and all of her sweet pets, she donates $1.00 from the sale of her paw print jewellery pieces to the Ontario SPCA & Humane Society.

National ME/FM Action Network

Carolyn has fibromyalgia, myofascial pain syndrome, and chronic fatigue syndrome. These are poorly understood medical conditions. That's why she feels it's important to donate $1.00 from the sale of her ribbon jewellery pieces to National ME/FM Action Network.


What mediums does she work in and why?

Carolyn truly enjoys working in a variety of art media. She works in watercolour, acrylic, graphite, coloured pencil, pastel, encaustic, oil, enamel, and mixed media. Carolyn loves the delicate ethereal quality of watercolour. It can be a bit tricky though, but this is exactly what makes watercolour so exciting to her. When working on a challenging watercolour project, Carolyn feels so satisfied when it’s finally completed. She thinks that acrylic is also a great medium to work in, and even though it’s a more forgiving medium, acrylic can have its trials too. Vibrant colour always stimulates her senses so sweetly. Carolyn finds that colour really enlivens and energizes her. That being said, there is such a beautiful simplicity to the simple blacks and greys found in graphite drawings, which she thoroughly enjoys doing, as well. Carolyn thinks that coloured pencil, pastel, encaustic, oil, enamel, and mixed media can be a lot of fun too.


Where can you find her artwork?

Carolyn has exhibited her fine art drawings, paintings, prints and artcards in several galleries, shops, art shows, and in her own private gallery and art studio. She currently has art products available for sale at the Camphill Store, and the Barrie Art Club in Barrie, Ontario, Canada. Carolyn sells art privately, as well. She’s also a member of the Barrie Art Club and the MacLaren Art Centre.


Carolyn sincerely hopes that you feel moved as you take a stroll through her world of art. 




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