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Drawings & Paintings For Sale - 2019

These are some of my original fine art drawings and paintings that are currently for sale. If you are interested, then please contact me at: 



I do special keepsake paintings in watercolour, and acrylic, as well as drawings in graphite. Just send me your photo. If you'd like more information on commissioned artwork, then please contact me at:


Blue Feather (cleaned) Final.jpg

Prices start at $69.00, for a 5" x 7" watercolour painting.

“Birds Of A Blue Feather”

Watercolour Painting

5 x 7 inches (Framed 8 x 10 inches)

$115.00 (CAD) 

There’s a saying that birds of a feather flock together, and perhaps it’s true. I’m fascinated by birds in flight, as well as angel feathers. A blue angel feather brings calming energy and is connected to communication and awareness. Also, a blue angel feather is a reminder to listen. The number 15 means harmonious life, and a steady flow of energy, power and cooperation. How perfect, 15 birds and a blue angel feather all peacefully blending together. 


“Passion Rose”

Watercolour Painting

8 x 10 inches (matted & framed)

$115.00 (CAD) 

There’s just something about a rich red rose that screams passion. These beauties hold tremendous charm in every delicate fold. I adore the way these velvety red roses dance and sing out. Their exquisite fragrance beckons me to come closer, and linger for awhile. Remember to take time to smell the roses, specially the passionate red ones.


“Feather Of Change”

Graphite Drawing

8 x 10 inches 

$75.00 (CAD) 

A black and white feather is a sign that changes are coming or already happening in your life. Trust that all of these changes are happening for your highest interest and that great healing and spiritual growth is occurring. They also represent the balance between the light and the dark, and encourage us to become whole. These lovely feathers are a reminder that you are supported by angels and dearly loved.

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“Whales At Play #4”

Graphite Drawing

8 1/2 x 11 inches 

$97.00 (CAD) 

I find whales to be so intriguing. They often spring forth from the water in jubilant play. This behaviour is called breaching. It's such a thrill to watch these mesmerizing creatures hit the water with their fins and tail flukes, making a loud slapping sound. The whales behaviour is somewhat of a mystery. Perhaps they are communicating to each other as they do their playful dance. Whales are an absolute joy to observe.

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